Daily Devotional

Son, another generation has come and they do not acknowledge Me, nor do they remember the mighty things that I have done. They have abandoned Me, the God of their ancestors. How quickly they turn away from the path of their ancestors who walked in obedience to My Word. This new generation contradicts My teaching, and the result is that most of them have turned away from the truth. They have wander from the truth and follow deceptive teachings that come from demons, and have an unhealthy desire to argue with anyone who tells them the truth. So avoid godless, foolish discussions with this generation because their so-called knowledge is foolishness.


This has happened because some of My prophets and pastors refuse to stand up and speak up against those who teach and tell lies. Therefore, this generation shows no respect for anyone, especially those who still speak the truth, instead they listen to those who say pleasing things.


Tell those who will listen – to keep a close watch on how they live. Be wise about what is being taught by comparing it to My Word. My teachings promote a godly life, and godliness with contentment is great gain. When you know My Word, it will be easy to know when anyone teaches lies.


Son tell those in this generation that will listen – to never speak harshly to an older man, but to show him respect. Tell them to treat older women as you would your mother. Let godliness be in your plans and decisions and in your relationships at home; for this is something that pleases Me. I will show My favor with what and who pleases Me.

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