Daily Devotional

I am angry, and I am not going to shut up; I will speak against the lies of the ungodly.


 They say, “Why can’t we agree in America?” What they really mean is that they want Christians to back down and get out of the way! This is why they say things like: “You have so much hate within you, why can’t you be tolerant and accept my choice of life style?” It’s not what they say, but what they really mean; their secret motive. We need to better judges of what leaders really mean behind what they say.


These people want me to compromise my godly values, and every time the Church does, we lose something, until we have become their slaves instead of God’s true servants and vessels. Why do I need to accept their choices and life styles? Is this what the Bible teaches? Is this what Christ taught His disciples? So then, while I still have “freedom of speech” I will speak the truth, even if it costs me!


Let’s put what is being said today – to the test. We heard from our presidential candidates their views on taxes. Bernie says “I will raise your taxes to cover all of the programs that will help the poor and needy in our country.” So if he is elected and can do all that he says he will do, my taxes will increase. If my taxes increase by the 25% that he wants – then I will not have any money left to give to people who are advancing the Kingdom of God. So do you think Bernie will have the government give my tax money that he took from me, to support those who are advancing the Kingdom of God? No brainer! What about the others who say they will reduce my personal tax burden; will that leave me more money to give to people who are advancing the Kingdom of God? This battle is about the Kingdom of God, not the poor and needy. Advancing the poor and needy will not advance the Kingdom of God, but advancing the Kingdom of God will take care of the poor and needy.


We need to look towards the future when we hear these people talk, and ask ourselves, “Will what they say they are going to do allow me to financially support the people who are advancing the Kingdom of God, or not?” When we make choices out of emotion and sympathy – we will make the wrong choices; for it will not be what is best for the good of our future. This is worldly wisdom instead of godly wisdom.


There is not any leader that is righteous enough to rule this world, let alone any nation or state; not until Christ returns as the King of kings and Lord of lords. He is the One we need to listen to and trust completely. His Word is Truth! He is the only Way! Light of world and Hope of the nations!



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