Daily Devotional

Son, some of My church leaders are calling out to Me and asking, “Help me! The work is too heavy a load to carry! How can I deal with all of the problems Your children are facing today. Why do You let Your children have such stubborn hearts that they no longer fear You?”


These leaders must understand how to lead My children so that My children understand clearly and fully that there is a lasting reward for those who live for Me! They must understand that some of My children will not listen, and that is why there is so much division in among My children. They like to quarrel and debate with each other when instead they should be humbly spending this time with Me in My Word, and listening. My leaders must warn them with this truth; that on My judgment day fire will reveal what kind of life they have lived, and this fire will show if their life’s work has any value to Me.


My leaders must be willing to stand in the gap for these rebellious children with the hope of turning them to the truth so that their faith can grow. My leaders must be blameless, respected for their wisdom and understanding of who I am. My leaders must have My heart and Word in them. Then they will not be afraid of the world’s anger when they stand up for truth and speak faithful words that I approve of.


My leaders must understand that My Kingdom is not just a lot of talk, but it’s about the power of My will to be done. I can fulfill My purpose through faithful leaders because they know the truth. I give them My unfailing love and faithfulness, and I will soon welcome them into My Kingdom.


Lord, help me not to think that just because my conscience is clear, this proves I’m right, for You examine me and Your judgment of me is true and right. I know that I am not that godly, for I constantly sin. How can I ever be welcomed into Your kingdom infected with all this sin? Even my good deeds are nothing but filthy rags to You. But I know that You don’t remember my rebellious ways; for You look at me now and see that Your Son knows me as Your child. So I praise You Father for so great a salvation and I rejoice in Your forgiveness, because no ear has heard and no eye has seen a God like You and what You have prepared for those who love You!



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