Daily Devotional

Son, take this to heart and do not be fearful of what is about to take place; for I AM is with you.


I AM the LORD, your God and Savior, and you were chosen to know Me and to believe in Me, and to understand that I AM the Lord your God. For, there is no other God. It has given Me pleasure to see you come to realize this with all your heart and mind and strength.


From eternity to eternity I AM GOD. No one can snatch anyone out of My hand. No one can undo what I have done. So be careful not to treat My holy Word as though it was a common book to pick up leisurely, or set aside before You let Me speak to you. My Word is your daily food for eternal life.


Trust in Me and take delight in My Word, and I will give your heart’s desires. Commit everything you do to Me, and I will help you. Be still, and wait patiently for Me to act. Understand that I direct your steps, and I delight in every detail of My children’s lives of faithfulness. Put your hope in My Word, and you will travel steadily along the path I have laid out for you. My words will light My way for you.


Don’t worry about all the evil you see, or fear the wicked things taking place in this world, or you will become angry to the point of missing My way and purpose. Wicked people are blind, and cannot see how evil their hearts are. These people are ignorant of where their wickedness is taking them! Their minds have become hard to the truth that would set them free. They cannot think freely – even though they say they do. These deluded captives refuse to ask for My help. They are bound to believe in something that won’t allow them to ask Me for anything; not even to ask themselves truthful questions; they are to be pitied not feared. Pray for them!


Lord, there is a wonderful future for me and my family, or for anyone who calls out to You, earnestly seeking You. I have learned that You enjoy helping me, and it honors You to rescue Your children out of the path and hands of evil-doers; for we will find a perfect shelter in You. What a great future I have with You my Father!


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