Daily Devotional

The earth suffers because of the sins of its people; for they have twisted God’s word, violated his laws, and broken His covenant. Therefore, He has set a day for judging the world with justice. He is about to destroy the earth, and the people that reject the Lord’s salvation must pay for their own sin.


Look at your cities; they are in chaos. People are afraid and they lock their homes to keep out intruders. Mobs gather in the streets, and there is no joy in life, it is quickly turning to all gloom. Soon the foundations of the earth will shake because all the foundation of righteousness have been destroyed by the wicked.


God’s children must not be afraid, but keep speaking out with truth and the hope of Christ! Use the Bible to reason with people; explaining to them what the prophecies say and how to prepare. Tell them to search the Bible for the truth and see that what we are saying is the truth. When people begin to search out these things – many will believe. ┬áSo God’s children, don’t be silent!


God, You have said what You will do! But those who paid no attention to Your word will be left out in the open of Your judgment. Lord, Your light and truth will guide us. You are the source of all peace and joy. Therefore, I will praise You my God, and I will put my hope in You. You are my Savior and my God!

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