Daily Devotional

These are the times that test America’s soul! Who and what have we become as a nation? What do we stand for? Listen to what is being said and you will see angry people everywhere. So what will it take to unite this great country? Can any man, or political party bring unity?


Unity is not everyone thinking the same way, but rather being willing to listen, discuss with an open mind. When we do not trust what is being said, then there is no communication.


There are some areas where we cannot compromise and we must agree that these principles are the foundation of what make this country great. If we have no foundation then when trouble comes everything begins to fall. So what would these four counter posts of America’s foundation be?


Truth: People throughout history have asked the question, “What is truth?” Is there such a thing as truth? Can we find truth today, and what does it look like? The answer is the same, truth will always be the same through every generation. Yes, it is the Word of God, it has stayed the same since the beginning. And, Jesus confirmed that it has never changed when He said “I am the truth!” Then He proved it by the way He lived, spoke and died.


Respect: We have misplaced this word by saying I will give you my respect when you earn it. Respect is to be given and not earned. Trust must be earned by doing what we said we would do, or not doing what we said we would not do. Trust is being a man or woman of your word. God can be trusted to do exactly what He said He would do.


We must learn to respect people: those in authority, our parents, teachers, the police, and etc. Without respect people will not listen to each other and work together for the good of society.


Justice: When justice is denied then we have no peace. To have justice we must have judges who do not have an agenda of their own, but rather make judgments based upon the wisdom behind the laws of the land, even if it means that they do not like the law they are to judge with. Justices who are manipulated by the rich and powerful will not assign just consequences for bad choices and wrong doing; for they have lost their good conscience that properly applies the laws of the land.


Family: Without the correct thinking of the family unit then there will not be any support or protection for the family. Family, in the way God established family, is what holds a nation together and gives worth to all its communities. We need to honor the correct family unit, and not destroy it by calling any group of like-minded people a “family.” Fathers need to be true fathers; taking their responsibilities seriously instead of running away from their responsibility as a husband and father. Mothers need to have the right to properly raise their children at home without being made to feel guilty by those who stand in judgment with their own agendas. Children belong to their parents and not to the state.


We need to honor life, womb to tomb, and not seek to destroy it. We need to consider the future and make decisions today as to how it will affect our grandchildren. Living for ourselves and for what is best for me today – destroys the future for our children and grandchildren.


So as we move along – what will we do America? Will we say that everyone is right in his own eyes; there is not absolute truth? Will we not show anyone respect until we get what we want? Will we buy our justices and manipulate the system of law and order so that there are no consequences for bad choices and wrong doing? Will we continue to redefine what a family is, and not honor life? Will we continue to make decisions that are only about me?


If we continue to do these things – then be prepared!

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