Daily Devotional

Son, all heaven is alert. So do not team up with unbelievers. How can My righteousness find any agreement with wickedness? How can My light live in peace with darkness? Therefore, separate yourselves from them, so that I can bless you.


If racing against mere men tired you out, how will you compete with the horses that are coming? Keep your head. Don’t lose sight of the course. Remember what I said.


Son, there will be some of your greater family, that will turn against you. So do not trust them, no matter how pleasantly they speak. I AM your shepherd, and you will have all that you need. When it is the darkest, do not be afraid. I AM close beside you. Let Me lead you by My peaceful stream in green meadows; for there I will renew your strength. My Word and Spirit will comfort you. Let Me guide you along the right path that will keep you safe and bring honor to My Name.


Remember that I bless those whose hearts are pure towards Me; for they have the right relationship with Me their Savior.

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