Daily Devotional

Son, My children need to be united in purpose because My Word still holds true today, and they can trust everything I say. I will frustrate the plans of the wicked and thwart all their schemes. Those who know that I watch over them will rely on My unfailing love, and that I will rescue them in the coming hard times.


My children must understand the ways of evil and not give in to it. When evil hears that My children are united they will scheme against them saying, “Let us help you, for we worship the same God you do.” When this will not work they will pay others to work against you so that they can frustrate your plans and frighten you. They will make false accusations against My children and broadcast it in every way they can. They will come at My united children with a show of strength to stop My children from being united, but that’s all it will be, a show; for they are very threatened by the unity of My children.


Lord, let Your unfailing love surround those whose hope is in You alone. You will free us from all our fears as we pray and unite with You and each other. You will listen and save us from troubles that would overtake us. Your angel’s will guard and surround all who trust in You. Why should we fear the wicked when we will not lack one good thing from You, just as You promise. Your ears are open to our cries to You for help; for You have always been close to the broken-hearted, and to those whose spirits are crushed. In the coming days Your children will face many troubles, but You will come to our rescue every time.


Son, I will not turn away anyone who takes refuge in Me!

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