Daily Devotional

I have discovered this principle in life, that when I make decisions based upon emotion (intuitive feelings as distinguished from reasoning and knowledge) instead of the common sense that comes from God’s Spirit, that the outcome will always be greater emotion. The key to overcoming emotion is to know God intimately with your heart and mind, and to worship and serve His perfect will. Then you will find His peace and not be controlled and led by emotion.


There is this war going on in my mind that urges me to do something NOW, so that I do not wait for what my Lord tells me to do. But, I must pray about, and then the Lord will awaken me to hear Him in His Word; for there He will give me the understanding to know His true will. I must trust His wisdom and learn to leave matters in His hands, and let His Spirit lead me in how to comfort weary and worried people of this world. If I act on my emotions it is always the wrong thing to do; therefore, I must wait on the Lord and trust Him.


In the coming days it is very important that I understand that nothing can separate me from Christ’s love! Through troubles, calamities, persecution, hunger, loss and danger – there is nothing that can ever separate me from my Lord! If the Lord has said that there is nothing that can separate me from His love and presence, not even death or demons, then why should I fear what happens today or worry about what might happen tomorrow? Nothing in all creation will ever be able to separate me from the love of God that is revealed in Christ Jesus.


Therefore, I must take this all very seriously and not make decisions based on emotions or I will become afraid and discouraged; for the Lord has chosen me to know Him in truth and Spirit and to have all confidence in what He says in His Word. I must watch out that I do not get caught up with the emotions of this world; for my Lord leads me and He will not fail me or forsake me.


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