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As I listened to parts of the investigation of Benghazi, and listened to Hilary Clinton’s responses, some thoughts came to my mind. The first one came from the movie “A Few Good Men” where Jack Nicholson is on the stand being questioned by Tom Cruise. The Colonel (Nicholson) begins by telling everyone what he has done for the country, how he preserves the country and what the country would look like without him. Then when told to just give the truth, he spews out, “You can’t handle the truth!”


Mrs. Clinton in that witness chair said very much the same things, about all that she has done for this country, and in a nutshell – how this country needs her. She, in so many words, says that the American People can’t handle the truth, but she only says this because if they knew the truth she and most of those in Washington would be jailed. Lord, expose wickedness in America’s high places! Let truth set us free from the control of the wicked.


I believe America has a “Jezebel” trying to rule over our land, and her spirit is strong in America. So how do we remove a Jezebel and that spirit? First we need a “Jehu” to remove Jezebel. (2 Kings 9) To remove her spirit – America needs godly women to rise up and pray, and godly men to take their God-given positions.


A Jehu type will not be controlled by the leadership of Washington. He will be seen as a mad-man, just like Jehu of the Bible. The leaders will send out their representatives to find out his intentions only to find that those they sent out have joined him. The leaders will slander a Jehu-type by accusing him of not bringing peace and unity to the country, but his response will be, “How can there be peace and unity with a Jezebel in control, and her spirit all over the land?” A Jehu-type will intimidate a Jezebel-type, so that she will accuse him of being against all women, but his response will be, “Those who want truth and justice in the land must throw her out of power and judge her for her actions!”


The spirit of Jezebel is called wickedness, by God’s definition. “Holy women today have many contenders to face and stand against. But, one thing is for certain and that is when a proud worldly woman is in the presence of a confident virtuous woman – the ungodly woman inwardly feels judged, even condemned by the godly woman – without even one word haven been spoken by the godly woman. It’s the strong inner presence of godly beauty that disturbs wickedness, even condemning it.”  (From Carol’s book THE STANDARD – That Has Never Changed – A Deep Look Into the Life of the Proverbs 31 Woman.)

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