Daily Devotional

Son, tell My children that in the coming days to not be afraid! For there are more on their side than on the side of politically-correct groups. My children must see clearly and look beneath the surface of the things happening. When they truly understand that I am the light of the world; they will be set free from fear and blindness.


Son, the leaders of your country mislead the people; they are taking America down the wrong road. These leaders are trying to remove My Word from every place and even from every mind, but it will only result in oppression, fear and chaos. Courts will overflow with people taking their cries and complaints there, where injustice is served, instead of bringing their cries and petitions to Me.


Son, look after those who cannot help themselves. Honor the aged and don’t be like the young people who have no respect for the elderly, but work to remove them from their sight. Look after them and honor them for what they have lived through that made them wise.


The young today proudly display their sin, not feeling the shame of their sin so that they try to hide it. They are doomed, and have brought destruction upon themselves because there’s no room in their hearts for Me and My Word!


They have become children of the devil that drink in his lies and love to do evil things; even hating those who do right by Me. The devil hates the truth; he is a murderer of all who live by the truth. When he lies, it is consistent with his hellish character. He is the father of lies; when his children here the truth their instinct is to reject it quickly; it makes no sense to them.


Anyone who belongs to Me gladly accepts My words; they honor My Word as the standard for what is right and wrong, good and evil. They follow My Word and not the words of men and demons.


Lord, please open my eyes and let me see clearly what is going on, so that I can tell Your children how to be encouraged and to remain faithful to You; how to take hope in that You are coming soon!

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