Daily Devotional

Lord, I rise early before the sun is up, and cry out to You for help. I put all of my hope in You and Your Word. When I see what is taking place in America it makes me sick at heart because they care nothing for your Word. For Your word is the very essence of truth. Those who love and live by Your word will have great peace.


Lord, listen to my cry; give me a discerning mind, and help me to let Your Word be my constant guide. For it is Your Word that gives me understanding; it is my source of hope. I know that when pressure and stress bear down on me, it is in Your Word that I find joy!


Son, bring all of your troubles to Me and I will answer you. Have faith in Me, that everything I promised you will happen. You must really believe that what I told you will happen and have no doubt in your heart; believe that you already received it, it will be yours. But, first make sure that you are not holding a grudge against anyone, then I will give you everything I promised.


LORD, is it time for You to act? People everywhere are violating Your good instructions, and no one rules with truth.


Son, Your leaders have made a big mistake when they keep trying to remove My Word from America; for they are supposed to know right from wrong. They are the very ones who hate that which is good and love that which is evil. They have no idea the power I have. Soon, when all of the judgments start coming because of their choices and leadership, they will beg for My help. Do they really expect Me to help after all the evil they have done. They hate justice and twist all that is right, and are rebuilding with a foundation of murder and corruption. Soon they will scream in terror like a woman in childbirth.


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