Daily Devotional

Son, I am deeply saddened by the hard hearts of your leaders today. They see all that I have done for this great nation, and yet they learn nothing about who I AM. They hear what I say in My Word about rebellion towards Me, and yet they still reject My words. If they would turn to Me – they would be forgiven, and then I would heal your nation. But since they don’t listen I cannot bless this nation any longer. This nation is going to fall, and they will blame everything upon My children. They will think that if they can get rid of My Word and all those that stands up for My Word – their problems will go away.



Remember that when leaders lead without any thought of Me, the people become worried about their life under them. These leaders steal the hearts of the people by making promises they cannot keep. Know this: I am watching this sinful nation, and I will do all of these things I have said about a country that accepts My blessings and then rejects Me. I am giving them one more chance, if they call out to Me I will restore, but if they reject Me, I am determined to bring disaster upon them and not help them.



Son, I have called My children to stand up and tell everyone about My salvation. I have given them the power and authority to do all that I ask of them. So My children, pay close attention to what you hear from Me. The closer you listen, the more understanding you will be given-and you will receive even more. I will bless those who hear and obey Me.



Lord, I love knowing that You hear my voice and my prayers. When You speak, help me to listen. You care deeply when one of Your loved ones are in trouble and discouraged. Help me not to only see troubles and sorrows, but all of Your wonders You perform every day. Help me to live my life on earth in Your presence.


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