Daily Devotional

Lord, Your children are divided and our country has great chasms. The land is about to receive more of Your judgments because Your children are not all united with You. Our foundation has spreading cracks that need repair! With Your help we can unitedly take back this nation to make it great again. Lord, unite us with Your wisdom and give us the confidence to stand on Your mighty promises. Save us by Your great power!  With Your favor upon us we can defeat those who reject Your truth; so that the disobedient are turned to the wisdom of the righteous.


Son, I have given My children everything they need to bring this country back to all that is right and just. They must unite in the truth by electing leaders who stand on My Word and believe in My precious promises. These promises, if they will firmly stand on them, will enable them to share in My divine nature and escape the world’s corruption caused by evil human desires. When My children obey My Word they will not fall and be disgraced, nor fail in their positions. In the end, they will make a grand entrance into My eternal Kingdom.


Lord, listen to the filth and arrogance that comes from the mouths of our leaders. They boast of their great tolerances, and regard themselves as wise – making our nation a laughingstock. Look at all the immoral and wicked people that our leaders let influence their thinking, taking advantage of their positions as leaders to promote further wickedness in our land. These proud and arrogant people despise Your laws and authority over them, daring even to scoff at You without so much as trembling. They have become like unthinking animals, creatures of instinct; worse than animals because they do what is not natural to do, and give honor to anyone brave enough to make a public stand of their immorality. These fools brag about the plans they have to bring everyone in line with them, and work to shame those who oppose them. They promise a freedom that is not freedom at all, but bondage and further defilement of the land. They are quick to indulge in evil because their desire for sin is never satisfied.


Son, I know that My children are tormented by what they see and hear every day. They must understand that these people live under My curse, and are doomed to blackest darkness. My children have escaped the judgment of the world by knowing and obeying their Savior Jesus Christ. I have set them free from the bondage of sin – so that sin is no longer their master. But, if My children get tangled up and enslaved by sin again, they will be worse off than before! My children must remember this and guard their hearts and minds with My truth and Spirit.

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