Daily Devotional

Son, My children learn obedience from the things they suffer. This is difficult to explain, especially since some of My children are spiritually dull and don’t seem to listen. Their lives are built only on milk, still infants that keep going over the basic teachings, but refuse to be matured in righteousness. The result of this behavior is that they have become spiritually dull, indifferent and do not stand up for truth.


Everything I have said will come true. So My children need to be confident because they are meant for better things, things that come along with My great salvation. I will not forget how hard they have worked for Me and how they have shown their love for Me by caring for other believers.


Now, they must follow the example of those who believed My promises as they went through troubled times, and live lives full of faithful endurance. Wait patiently for all that I have promised as you go through times of tribulation and run to Me for refuge when things get too difficult. My children you too can have great confidence in Me for what lies ahead, just as they did. This confidence is a strong and trustworthy anchor for your soul; it will lead you through the curtain into My inner sanctuary.


Son, today there are pastors who are inventing their own platforms. They say they search My Word, but they do nothing to repair the breakdown in the family within your nation. They have not helped My children to be prepared for what is coming so they are able to stand up for the truth with full confidence in Me. They tell My children lies and make false predictions, that things will get better. They say, “This message is from the Lord,” even though I never gave them a message. They expect Me to fulfill their promises of better times ahead, but they have forgotten what I said in My Word that would most certainly come upon this wicked world.


These evil pastors have deceived My children, and have brought shame on Me. By lying to My children your country now kills those who should not die, and they promise life to those who should not live. These lies have discouraged the righteous and encouraged the wicked. My children now embrace things that will make them stumble and fall hard into sin. So why should I listen to any requests of these false pastors?


Lord, You are awesome! Soon the whole earth will rejoice to see Your kingdom come. Help me to meditate on Your unfailing love, and on You’re the truth of Your Word each morning. You remain the same forever and ever, and You will guide me until I die.

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