Daily Devotional

Son, think carefully about who I AM, and when you hear My voice pay close attention. Nothing in all creation is hidden from Me. Everything is naked and exposed before My eyes, and I AM the One to whom you are accountable. So don’t allow your heart to become hard by not doing what I ask of you.

Remember that rebellion to My Word will make your heart grow hard towards Me, and then you will never have My rest. Therefore, hold firmly to what I have told you in My Word. For My Word is alive and powerful; it exposes your innermost thoughts and desires.


The time has come for every prophecy to be fulfilled! I AM the LORD! If I say it will happen, it will happen, and there will be no more delays! I will do everything I have said in My Word. You must warn My children every day, while it is still today; for My children must be prepared. Then they will not be fearful when the disasters and earthquakes come, and all the nations are in chaos. I understand that you live among those who refuse to accept what is about to happen; those who say they are My children yet refuse the reality of what is about to happen. These rebellious children will not be prepared; they will not be in position to be useful to Me; for they will have believed a lie instead of the truth. But you must keep warning them, even if they refuse to listen.


Lord, Your judgments bring revival among Your children of rebellion. Therefore, help me to be prepared so that You can use me anyway You want. 

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