Daily Devotional

Lord, I am discouraged, and my heart is sad, when I think of all of those babies being killed by those so called doctors, and for body parts! Our entire country is full of murder, and every city is filled with injustice. Our sins are very, very great. So what makes our country think it can escape Your judgment?


Son, listen very carefully every day to the truth you have heard from Me, or you may drift away. “I have given My children authority over all things.”


Since I have gone through all testing and severe suffering, I am able to help and uphold My children when they stand up for truth and justice, and are courageous enough to proclaim, “This is enough, and we will not allow this anymore!” My light and truth will guide them, and I will be their source of joy.  For, it is not angels that will control the coming future world. Therefore, My children must learn how to lead now, by loving righteousness and justice as I do, and by doing good while hating evil. If My children continue to ignore this, then they will allow those who hate truth and righteousness to plunder their land.


Lord, I will put my hope in You, for You are my Savior and my God forever! All this is happening because Your children have forgotten who You really are. Forgive us Lord!

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