Daily Devotional

Son, My Word cannot be chained, and I know those who are Mine. So don’t ever be afraid or discouraged, but be strong and courageous, for I am the One who will do the fighting for you.


Trust Me! Commit everything to Me! Be still, and wait patiently for Me to act. I will direct your steps. Though you stumble, you will not fall, for I have hold of you. When you live your life by My Word you will never slip from My path. I honor all My children when they seek Me; for a wonderful future awaits them! So pursue righteous living, faithfulness, love and peace. Enjoy the companionship of all My children who call on Me with pure hearts.


Son, I want to speak with you each day, so listen very carefully. People today are stubborn and hard-hearted, and I am asking you to tell them what I tell you to say.  You must give them My messages whether they listen or not. Most will not listen, for they are completely rebellious! Yet, there remains the few who will listen and obey.


Do not be ashamed of My Word; for this is how you will know Me, the One you can trust. I am able to guard everything that you have entrusted to Me. Carefully guard the precious truth of My words that have been entrusted to you, My son, and correctly explain these words of truth to others. My words will be like a strong foundation in the storms of life. Those who laugh at My words, will see Me laugh right back as their day of judgment comes.


Son, all of My children have been sent out to tell others about the life I offer with all My promises. My children should never be ashamed to tell others about Me. They should be ready to suffer for the Good News, knowing what I have promised to the faithful. They must present My truth and keep teaching the truth to other trustworthy people, so that they will pass the truth, and the life I offer, on to others. Understand that you will suffer persecution when you do this because people do not want the truth, and so they do not want to hear what you say. You will only suffer a little while, but they will suffer forever; so keep warning them and telling the truth!

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