Daily Devotional

Lord, listen to my questions that I am struggling with this morning.


Lord, why don’t people listen to the aged, or learn from history? It takes a long time to get wisdom from life and yet we set those aged people aside, and do not listen to them.


Son, people are full of darkness, and have always refused wisdom, and more-so today. I have always offered true wisdom to anyone who asks, since the beginning of mankind, but people have always refused to come to Me for wisdom.


Yes, it is important that people listen to the aged about life; but what is of more value is that My children live as holy people with My truth and love, and that they take no part in the worthless deeds of evil darkness; instead, expose it. Take advantage of every opportunity I send your way. Know what it is that I want you to do, and be thankful for everything I bring to you.


Lord, why is it when a person tells the truth, people get mad and say that he has no love for people?


Son, understand that these people are not the ones you are fighting against. You are fighting against evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against mighty powers in this dark world, and against evil spirits in the heavenly places who deny the truth. So stand your ground for the truth, but do it peacefully. Be prepared for what is coming and hold up My Word. Your protection comes from Me. Your weapon is My Word, so use it, but use it wisely.  Pray all the time, and about everything. Stay alert and be persistent in your prayers – for all My children. Ask Me to give you the right words so that you can boldly explain the truth.


Understand that those people who refuse the truth – cut out anything in My Word that says they are living in sin. They will have no problem cutting section by section out, until My Word is gone. They show no signs of fear or repentance at what they hear. But that does not take away the truth, and they will be judged by the truth someday.


Lord, why when I speak of Your judgment that is coming – Your children begin to tell me all of the things they do for You, or their church does for You? Do they believe they will not go through it?


Son, I have spoken to these children again and again, and they still refuse to listen to Me. Time after time I sent them prophets, who told them, “Be prepared for what is coming, turn from your wicked ways, so that you might have peace.” But they will not listen to Me. Therefore, this is what I say, “Because you refuse to listen, you will be unprepared all the disasters I have declared are coming.”


Lord, someday soon when I awake, I will see You face to face; my Savior and shield, my strength.  You rescued me from my powerful enemies of the unforeseen world. Your way is perfect, and all of Your promises are true.

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