Daily Devotional

Unity is Strength!


Once there was a Bedouin sheikh who had ten sons.  They were always quarreling and thus making the family very vulnerable to attack by enemies.  The sheikh called together his ten sons and held up a bundle of sticks saying, “This is a test of strength.  Which one of you can snap this bundle in two.”  One by one the brothers came forward and tried, but not one of them could break the bundle, however he tried.


“Untie the bundle!” ordered the father. Then, handing one stick to each son, he said, “Now break the sticks!”  Each son broke his stick with ease.  “You see,” said the father, “each of these sticks represents one of you, my sons.  When you are bound together in love and harmony no enemy can break you. When you are quarreling, you are easily overcome by the enemy. Strength lies in unity.”


So where is the unity of the church today? Satan knows the power of unity mentioned in the Bible and he has divided the church into segments that have little strength, if any at all. Matthew 18:19-20  “I also tell you this: If two of you agree here on earth concerning anything you ask, My Father in heaven will do it for you. For where two or three gather together as My followers, I am there among them.”


So I would like to ask the following questions of the church. 


1.        If we have the same Spirit and the same Lord then why can’t we agree on the direction of America?


2.        What stops us from agreeing?


3.        What is it that we can agree on according to the will of God?


4.        What would America be like if we did agree?


Son, My children must not act like people who do not know Me, because these people are without any real solutions and terrified. When people no longer seek My wisdom, they will fail completely. When people abandon My Word, they will not stand up for the truth, and things will go from bad to worse.  


LORD, there is no one like You! For You are great, and Your Name is full of power. You made the earth by Your power, and You preserve it by Your wisdom and word. So correct me if I have brought disunity to Your church. Please open the eyes of Your pastors and teachers that the church in America would come into agreement of Your Spirit and Word.  

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