Daily Devotional

Lord, I want to follow Your ways. I believe everything written in Your word. Everyone will stand before You and give an account of their life. Because of this I try to maintain a clear conscience before You and people.


Son, so what are people saying about you? Do they say you are a hard worker? Do they know about what you have done for others? Do they talk about how you have sacrificed for your family and complete strangers. When you bring up My name do they tell you to go away, we will listen later when it is more convenient? So why do they act like this towards you? It’s because I am Lord of your life, and they will treat you the same as they treat Me. They have rejected Me the only One who can save them, therefore, I will reject them.


People do not listen to Me, they do not want Me around. So I will let them follow their own stubborn desires, and live according to their own ideas. Their lives will produce a harvest of grief and unrelieved pain.


Lord, help me to see who I am in Your eyes and not in the eyes of man. Help me to trust You when I am in trouble, and know that You can rescue me. Help me to realize that You have taken the load of sin from my shoulders and have freed my hands from their heavy tasks of trying to please people. You have allowed me to walk and talk with You as we go down Your path for my life. Thank You Lord.




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