Daily Devotional

Son, someday My children will judge the world, and since they are going to judge the world, why are they being deceived by the things going on?


Some of My children are happy with their sexual sins. They must understand that their bodies were made for Me, and I not only care about their bodies, but their bodies are to house My Spirit. Don’t they understand how sexual sin affects them and My whole Church Body? Sexual sin is a sin against your own body, and your body is the temple of My Holy Spirit, which lives in you. Therefore, run from sexual sin, for you do not belong to yourself; I bought you with a high price, and you must honor Me with your body.


Son, since My children in America have become tolerant about sexual sins, the land has become polluted with wickedness. That is why the land has earthquakes, floods, droughts, and tornados throughout the land. Some of the leaders of America pretend to be sorry about forgetting Me; but they now must watch as everything their forefathers worked for will be squandered on a delusion. These leaders are clever enough at doing wrong, but they have no idea how to do right!


When there is moral rot within a nation it topples easily. When people reject the truth they will be praised by the wicked. Those who lead My children along an evil path will fall to their destruction. Remember that when the godly are in control, everyone is glad. When the wicked are in charge, people go into hiding, and will meet disaster.


So be wise and understand that wise leaders who know Me – bring stability. Therefore, surrender your pride and change your hearts, or my anger will burn like an unquenchable fire on all your sins. Your own actions have brought this upon you. This punishment is bitter, piercing you to the heart! Waves of destruction are about to roll over the land and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. 


Son, understand that the heart reflects the real person, so listen closely and you will know the real person. Tell My children what is about to happen and to take precautions. Those who refuse to listen will suffer the consequences. Understand this that if your leaders wanted to, they could return to Me and acknowledge their guilt. They must plow up the hard ground of their hearts! Admit that they rebelled against Me and confess that they refused to listen to My voice. Then I will give your leaders My own heart and guide them with knowledge and wisdom.


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