Daily Devotional

Since we have set aside this day as a time when we honor our fathers, I thought it would be good to know what is a father:


When fathers are faithful to their children, this will cause rebellious children to accept the wisdom of God. Fathers who know how to discipline their children will cause their children to have confidence that this discipline reveals that they are loved by their father, and will show them how much God loves them. True fathers have confidence that when a child is disciplined in love – it gives them peace of mind. Words alone will not discipline a child; wise fathers understand this for they have been disciplined by their heavenly Father for their good future.


Being a father means standing up for those who cannot speak for themselves, to see that they get justice. Fathers do not run in the opposite direction to get away from what God is asking of them because it is hard or controversial. A father let’s people of the world know that he stands for God’s truth. He is not afraid to show love and affection, and is moved by godly compassion for people.


True fathers are great husbands, because they keep to their vows in everything. Their vows are not given lightly and they understand that their word must stand good – until it is fulfilled. They are men who love their wives even if they are not shown respect from their wives. They know that it is their heavenly Father who validates them as husbands and fathers, and will vindicate them in due time. They are men who know the Word of God and firmly stand on it, even if it cost them the things of this world. They are men who show their family by example that a relationship with God is first, as they spend time with their Father each and every morning.


A father is not a name given to men with children, but by the faith and actions of what a man does for the good of his family, both physically and spiritually. A true father cares about the legacy he leaves behind for others to benefit from, especially his own children and grandchildren.

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