Daily Devotional

Son, tell My children to pay close attention to My words, for in the days ahead it will be their only hope. When My children rebel against My Word, they have forgotten My care for them, and they are easily lead to do evil things. They become corrupt; children who reject the truth to follow lies. They refuse My Holy Spirit and turn their backs on Me when I come to warn them.


When they reject Me and My Word, they will accept all religions, and the religion from the East will take them over because they do not fear Me as they should. Their lives are filled with the idols of men, things and ideas that do not honor Me, and do not come from Me. When they pretend to worship Me it will be nothing more than a ceremony that honors lies and corruption so that they can feel better. 


Understand this, human pride will be brought low; human arrogance will be humbled. A day of reckoning is coming when I will punish the proud and mighty. Know this, that I will be the only One exalted on that Day of Judgment. So don’t put your trust in humans, because man is as frail as grass, and his word as lost as each breath. So, what good are their religions!


People need to understand who I AM? I am not just a prophet who did powerful miracles, or just a wise teacher. You need to understand that I AM God the coming Messiah! You foolish people, why do you find it so hard to believe all that is written in the Scriptures about Me? Haven’t I predicted everything that has happened so far?


Therefore, seek Me and My truth, and fight for the truth that is being removed from your children. Pray, that your eyes be opened with the truth.  When you know the truth your hearts will burn within you to speak the truth. So why are you so frightened? Why are your hearts filled with doubt? Open your mind to understanding My Word, and stop thinking of Me as a dead Savior. I AM alive at the Throne of God; therefore, remember everything I tell you, and be quick to obey Me.  

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