Daily Devotional

Lord, there are so many people that I know that do not have eternal security with You. People that You have placed around me, that without You they will spend eternity with no hope separated. When I think of what awaits them, I am moved to tears.


Son, those who listen to My message and believe in Me will have eternal life with Me. They will never be condemned for their sins. The time is coming when everyone who has ever lived will hear My voice. Those who have accepted who I AM will get to experience eternal life with Me in My kingdom, and those who reject this truth will spend eternity in judgment.


People need to understand that My Word points to Me! People today are so concerned about perishable things, and do not have the energy to seek eternal life with Me. Human effort of trying to be good accomplishes nothing. With this type of thinking there will be trouble, anguish and dark despair wherever they look.


How quickly some of My children have turned away from the way I commanded them to live. They have made gold their god. No wonder people around them have a hard time believing I AM the Lord.


What people need to see are My children with integrity; people who are joyful; people who do not compromise with evil because they consistently study My Word; people that do not give up because they have hidden My Word in their hearts and reflect My ways; people who meditate on what I have done for them. When My Word is their source of truth and hope they will be encouraged, no matter what happens. It will keep them from lying to themselves on how good they are. They will know where happiness is found. They will love My Word greater than they love money and the things that money buys!


Son, just tell them what I say, “I AM the One they should fear. Preserve the power of My Word; wait for Me and put your hope in Me. Ask Me for guidance by looking in My Book for your instructions, teachings and encouragement. Otherwise, you will be people who are completely in the dark – afraid and lost.”


Lord, turn my eyes from worthless things, and give me life through Your Word. You have the words that give eternal life with You. 

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