Daily Devotional

Lord, why are these acts of nature happening in America, and especially in California?


Son, I am making accusations against California and your nation. Just who is to blame for this rebellion towards Me? It is your capital! Your leaders think up evil plans and hurry to carry them out simply because they have the power to do so. They have canceled My Word in their hearts, and then removed My Word in their schools, in their government, and will have it removed from every public place; and then they test Me, “If there is a God, then do what we want.”


Why do they keep doubting Me? Why can’t they understand? Their hearts are just too hard to take it in. They have eyes, but can’t they see all that I have done. They have ears, but can’t hear Me. They don’t know, and can’t even remember; they have no understanding of anything true and holy. Yet, more than anything, they need to understand who I Am! For their own sakes, they need to stop seeing things merely from a human point of view.


This is the question that needs to be asked, is the sin of rebellion in your country/state too deep to heal?


If it is, then people will anxiously wait for relief but only get bitterness.  They will no longer walk around proudly because it will be a terrible time. People will tell My spokesmen, “Don’t say such things. Don’t prophesy like that. Such disasters will never come our way!” But respond to them by saying, “Will God have patience with such behavior? If you do what is right, then you would find God’s words comforting. But you have filled the land with sin and now the land is being ruined completely.”


Lord, if You say that California, or our nation’s rebellion is too deep to heal, then my family and I will look to You to guide us through the terrible time. When You lead us then we will have the strength for each day. When we set our minds on what You say is coming, then our hearts can rejoice. Your promise will comfort us as we walk through the Valley of Weeping, and it will become for us – a place of refreshing. We know by what You said, that You will withhold no good thing from those who honor You.

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