Daily Devotional

Son, I am God, not a mere mortal. I AM the Holy One, and My heart is torn within Me. I lead My children with ropes of kindness and love. I have removed the yoke of bondage from their neck. I Myself feed them, and yet My children are determined to desert Me. They call Me the Most High, but they don’t honor Me as they should.


Listen to the words that come out of their mouths. The words they speak come from the condition of their hearts. They know how to interpret the weather, but they are clueless to the time they live and how to interpret these signs! It is very dangerous to see things merely from a human point of view, instead of Mine. They have so little faith, and that is why they argue with each other and compete with each other. They don’t understand that “I AM!” They don’t remember what I’ve done!  And they act like they don’t care!


Look at their lives, they chase after the wind; they go after the acceptance of man all day long. They refuse to stand up against the lies that are said about Me. They make alliance with people and governments because they are afraid. They do not understand that these alliances will compromise their faith in Me, and will cause them not stand up for the truth of My Word.


So My children, stop rejecting My prophets who I have sent to warn you, and come back to Me your God. Act with love and justice, and always depend on Me. Stop boasting, “I am rich!” Stop thinking, “I’ve made a fortune all by myself!” Stop deceiving yourself that because no one has caught you cheating – that your record is spotless with Me!


Lord, yes, the human heart and mind is cunning; our tongues reveal what is really inside of us. The ungodly shake their heads and ask what the difference is between them and us. They say that our worship is a farce, nothing more than man-made ideas treated as commands from You.


Lord, forgive us! Forgive me! Your unfailing love is better than life itself. I will worship You. Help me to see what You see in my heart. Change me! I belong to You!

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