Daily Devotional

Son, in the days ahead how will you counsel people who will be going through a very difficult time? Would you say? “My experience tells me,” or “I have studied life and found this about life; so listen to my counsel and apply it to yourself.”


Son, don’t speak impulsively, because man’s wisdom is as unreliable as a seasonal brook that overflows its banks in the spring, but when the heat of summer comes, the water dries up. The brook vanishes. Those who counted on it are disappointed and are worse off; their hopes are dashed. Do not think man’s words will help anyone unless his words come from Me.


No person can define or prove the worth of another person; only I can do that. My counsel to people who are hurting would be to tell them, “Don’t repay evil for evil. Don’t retaliate with insults when people insult you; instead pay them back with a blessing. Be ready to suffer in this life, and arm yourself with the Word of God. Don’t be surprised at any trial you are going through as if something strange were happening to you. There is no shame in suffering. So if you are suffering, do it in a way that pleases Him. Keep on doing what is right in His eyes, and trust your life to the One who created you. He will never fail those that humble themselves under My mighty power. So be strong in your faith. Remember that all over the world My children are suffering. This will encourage you to endure it by faith in His promises. Be assured that you will experience God’s mighty grace for you. For, God’s way is perfect and those who understand this and rest in this will see His promises proven true. So stand firm in the grace of God. He will be your shield of protection; He will pay back those who speak against you and harm you.  Be faithful to Him, and keep your integrity in all situations. Be blameless in your ways with people, and be pure in your heart; for God sees your motive and true desires. You are the light of Christ to those around you because the Spirit of Christ lives in you. Then when those around you see your life they will ask what is this hope you have as a follower of Jesus Christ.”


Lord, help me to be ready to explain what it means to be a Christian. What a privilege it is to be called into fellowship with You; to receive the blessing and honor of being called by Your Name!

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