Daily Devotional

Lord, the foundations of law and order have collapsed in California. The wicked strut about, and evil is praised throughout our state. What can Your children do? Help us, for it seems that Your children are disappearing! Our leaders consistently tell us, “You can’t stop us!”


Son, as the judgment begins in California tell My children it will be a time of great opportunity, and great joy. I will bless those who patiently endure and stay faithful. Tell My children to get rid of all the filth and evil in their lives, and humbly accept My Word that is in their hearts. In the coming days My Word will be what they will need for instruction and encouragement. My children must not just listen or read My Word, but do what it says.


Son, here is what I have told the leaders of California through My prophets, “How dare you come to ask Me for help? I will tell you nothing because you have rebelled against Me and would not listen when I came to you!  I told you that I would pour out My fury on California if you continue in your own direction, but you refuse to listen. You even pollute yourselves with the very gifts I had given you!”


They tell Me that My ways are not the ways they want to follow, and shout out to everyone, “We want to be like everyone else around us.” I have examined these leaders very carefully and will hold them accountable for what is coming. Tell them that fires are coming! I will set California on fire. These terrible flames will not be quenched and will scorch everything from south to north. And everyone in the world will see that I, the LORD, have set this fire, and it will not be put out.

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