Daily Devotional

Son, don’t think for a moment that because you live in America, that you can keep quiet at a time like this, and not be affected. All of My children living on the earth today were made for such a time as this. If My children think that they will not be noticed – keeping to themselves, it will not happen!


When My Spirit is living in My children they will think and live differently than the world today. They live by My laws, not by the laws of the land today that oppose My laws. When My children refuse to obey the laws of the land they will be noticed and will suffer persecution. Because My children refuse to bow down to these wicked leaders and to do what they demand, these leaders will be filled with rage.


My children must remain faithful no matter what; for I will give them strength to endure.  I will take no pleasure in anyone who turns away from Me. In the days ahead some of you will be exposed to public ridicule, but I will honor them. Some will be thrown into jail, but I will fellowship there with them. Some will have everything they own taken from them, but I restore to them even more. So do not throw away your confidence in Me; but trust in My love and promises. Patient endurance is what you need, and you will receive all that I have promised. Remember that better things are ahead for My children, and it will last forever.


My deliverance and relief will come to My children, for they can boldly enter heaven’s Most Holy Place by the blood of Jesus Christ. They can come into My presence with sincere hearts and fully trusting Me. I can be trusted to keep every promise I’ve made. Test Me in this!


So instead of being fearful – think of ways to help one another and motivate one another to acts of love and good works. Do not neglect meeting together, for this will be your encouragement during your days of hardships. This is the time to be bold and courageous.


Lord, when I look at the night sky and see the work of Your fingers with the moon and the stars that you set in place; what are mere mortals that you should think about them the way You do; human beings that reject You – that you should care for them like You do? You look deep within the mind and heart of Your children, and still You do not hold anything against us. I am perfectly secure in You Lord; what have I to fear, but You.


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