Daily Devotional

Son, tell My children that in the coming days they need to listen very carefully to the truth of My Word, or they will drift away from it. For My word is absolute truth; they can trust My Word; for it has always proven itself trustworthy. My Word will give them the signs of things to come that they need to be prepared for.


My Word tells you about the wonderful gift of My Holy Spirit that sets you free from the bondage of sin and of this world. My Word is able to help you through every time of testing. My Word tells you there is great joy ahead so you will not become discouraged and hopeless.


In these days My children must not follow the advice of the wicked, or associate with people who reject and mock My Word. My children must know My Word by meditating on it day and night.


Tell My children, “Don’t be afraid and sad because of what is coming, but celebrate instead; for it is a sacred day, the Day when truth wins! I will be their joy and strength. When they know and understand My Word, they will only need to ask Me, and I will give to them.”


Ask those people who refuse My word, “What makes you think you can escape what is coming?”  Tell them, “When you refuse My word, there is only one path left, and it leads to destruction.” For I have only one path that leads to the Truth.


Son, do you see the detestable things people do to drive Me away? Do you see what the leaders of America are doing? They are leading this whole nation into violence. They shout to everyone, “Let us be free from the bondage of the Word of God. Let’s break the chains of His words and completely remove every word of His from our land.”


Tell these leaders and those who follow them, “The end is here, and your vain hope won’t help or save you.”


How foolish they are to hope for something that will not come about!  What fools they are; they do not know how to solve the problems they have created themselves! I will now call them to account for all their rebellion and detestable sins. Therefore, disaster after disaster is coming! The day of destruction is dawning. Shouts of anguish will be heard throughout the land because the wickedness that is taking place has blossomed to full flower. Soon people will throw their money in the streets, tossing it out like worthless trash. Their silver and gold won’t save them on the Day of My anger. None of their plans will succeed. They will look for peace but not find it because they have refused My way of peace.


Lord, help me to understand that this is a great day of celebration, and not to be afraid of what You have said is coming. It is when I meditate on Your words that I will know that this is the beginning of Your Rule, and I will no longer am bound with a sinful nature. Oh how thankful I am to You for setting me free with Your truth and love, and giving me the only hope that won’t disappoint me in the end. 

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