Daily Devotional

Son, always think carefully before speaking, and do not speak words that please people, but say what please Me. Then when you are faced with the judgments that are coming (war, disease, drought, and injustices) you can come into My favorable presence, and I will protect and rescue you. When you do not know what to do, just call out to Me; then stand still and watch what I do. Because I am with you – you should not be afraid of what you see or hear. You should not become discouraged either; for I have told you the future and what you can expect from Me. Just speak what I tell you to say and don’t hold back one word.


Don’t waste time trying to correct people who do not trust Me. They will reject your words because they trust the wisdom of the world instead of Me. Instead, spend time with those who know My word, and watch for the opportunity to apply My word in their life. They will eagerly take in what I have given you to say, and not reject it. They will be well prepared for My judgments that are coming; for they are the wise ones that have a strong foundation of My love and truth. They will be the ones that truly understand the time they live in – knowing what to do and not do; knowing right from wrong.  They know that I will make everything work out according to My plan. They understand the incredible greatness of My power; for they have trusted in My promises and not in the ways of the world. Remember that My salvation is not a reward for the good things My people have done. I give My salvation to those who trust Me with all their heart so that they can live in this world with hope! They know the plans I have for them, plans that are for their good and not for disaster, to give them a future and hope.


When My children began to live out My Word they will sing and give praise to Me. This will cause those who oppose Me to turn against each other. Their own rejection of Me will torment them, for they know what is coming that they cannot prevent or soften. When My children pray, and look for Me wholeheartedly they will surely find Me. Not everyone can come into My presence; only those who have My acceptance; for who would dare try – unless I’ve invited them? In the days to come, My children will understand all of this.


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