Daily Devotional

Lord, this morning I am struggling with this earthly body. I long for the day when this earthly body is removed from me, and I will be given an eternal body like Yours; one that You make for me. Your word says that I will not be spirit without body, and that Your Holy Spirit guarantees that I will have a body that never wears out; fit for eternity!  Therefore, I must live in this earthly body with great anticipation of what You have promised and guaranteed. 


Son, I do have an eternal body for you, and I’m just as anxious as you are to clothe you in it, but right now you must speak out for Me, and say what I tell you to say. “I have removed My protection and peace from America. Therefore, there will be NO justice. There will be war, droughts and disease.” 


When you tell people these things, they will ask, “Why would the Lord ever decree such terrible things against us? What have we done to deserve such treatment?” Tell them, “It is because you have abandoned the Lord and His word. You have stubbornly followed your own evil desires, refusing to listen to Me.” Tell them that I will give them what their actions deserve; for I alone know each human heart thoroughly. 


If America repents and turns to Me with their whole heart – to obey Me, then My eyes will be open to keep watch over them, and My ears will be attentive to all their prayers. 


Lord, no one can measure Your greatness. You always keep Your Word and promises. You help the weak who fall, and lift those bent beneath heavy loads; for You are close to all who call on You in truth. Your kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, and I long to see You come.


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