Daily Devotional

Son, if you seek glory for yourself on earth it will not count in My kingdom. For, human pride will be brought down, and human arrogance will be humbled. So never seek glory from humans; for their earthly glory is short lived.


Look beneath the surface, and you will see correctly. I see people who want to be great on this earth. Their worship of Me is nothing more than a ceremony. When they lift up their hands in prayer, I don’t listen. Their hearts are full of pride in what they have done, as they glory in all their hands have made. They have made alliances with demons of religions, and the blood of innocent children is on their hands. Their standard of judgment is low and perverted. 


People who seek glory on earth can’t hear Me, and they will not recognize how I care for them. Their desire to be great on earth will not allow them to know the truth, and they will never know who I am until it’s too late.


Son, if you seek glory for yourself you will become a slave to this type of worldly thinking. You must remember that I have set you free from this type of thinking and lifestyle. Anyone who belongs to Me will seek after My kingdom; they will seek Me with their whole heart. So, fight for My kingdom and realize that each day I carry you in My arms.


Son, I am the light of the world, and when you follow Me you won’t walk in darkness like the world does. My light and love will lead your life on earth, and you will have My favor to rest on you as you live for My glory.

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