Daily Devotional

Lord, America is falling apart! Our leaders who are elelcted to protect us are the ones that are allowing the injustice to take place and go on. They actually welcome rebellion and lawlessness. Because of them there is fear and trembling all over this land, and the worst is within our large cities with rampant looting and killing in the streets, and with threats of even more to come.


Son, there have been and will always be wicked incompetent leaders like you have today. But the people who kill children and allow little babies in the womb to be killed is what upsets Me most about America. These people will descend into the deepest part of the lake of fire. These people refuse to listen to Me and cannot understand My truth. They will not grasp what I am saying. My Word is hidden from them because of their evil desires.


So My children watch yourselves by listening to Me and watching for My return. For I am coming back very soon. You will see that it is business as usual right up to the day when I am revealed. You need to endure this time and stay on My path.


Son, do not cling to this life, but be willing to let go. Then you will understand what true life is all about as you put your trust in My promises. I will fullfill every promise that I have made. Trust Me, and you will not be afraid. Ask yourself, what can these mere mortals do to you? I command your destiny! Remember, that I keep track of all your sorrows, and have collected all of your tears and recorded it all in a book.


Lord, this I know: You are on my side! Therefore, I will praise You for what You have promised. Soon I will walk in Your presence and understand what true life in You is all about.


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