Daily Devotional

Son, I am looking for men who will no longer trust the worldly systems when they are in need, in trouble, in debt, or discontented with their lives. I’m looking for men who want to change so that I can use them fully; men who are willing to listen to My word and then do what it says; men who do not proudly think they are righteous, but who know how to come to Me with their sin ready for My Spirit to change them. I need men who will say to Me, “Lord if You say so, I will.”


When men come to Me ready to do what I say – their lives will be strong and secure just like the foundations you build for your buildings. When storms of life come they will be able to stand firm because their foundation was built on the solid ground of My Word. But, when men come to Me and refuse to obey Me they are like a building with no foundation. When the issues of life sweep down on them they will collapse into a heap of ruins.


How can you know the difference between these two types of men? It’s how they come to Me in prayer. The one with faith will say, “Lord, if you are willing, you can.” And My response will always be to them, “I am willing.” But the other one will come to Me and say, “Lord if You can?” And My respond will always be, “If I can?”


Lord, this is why so many men are discouraged and fearful today; they have no solid foundation under them to take confidence in, and therefore they have no hope when they are hit with trouble and persecution.

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