Daily Devotional

Son, there is another generation in America that does not acknowledge Me or remember the things I have done.  They have abandoned Me by going after other gods, serving and worshiping them. They refuse to give up their evil practices. How quickly America has turned away from the path of their ancestors, who had walked in obedience to Me. Each generation is behaving worse than those who lived before them. They have become so arrogant by saying that there are many roads to Me.


My children must realize that they do not need to defend themselves against this generation, because I am able to save them. For I will bless and care for those who realize their need for Me; hose whose hearts are pure, and are persecuted for doing what is right. So My children, be happy that you do not fit in with the world! Be very glad about it; for a great reward awaits you in heaven! Remember that I know exactly what you need even before you ask Me!


Lord, since I cannot understand all of Your activities, let me rejoice every day that you have given me to live. May Your Name be kept holy in my life, and may Your Kingdom come soon. Forgive me of my sins, and rescue me from the evil one. Help me not to worry about the things I have no control over, and to live righteously with the help of Your Spirit in me. 


I love Your Word because when I read Your word it takes away the fear and worry about tomorrow. Your word promises me that You will give me everything I need. You will rescue me by Your supreme power. But even if You do not rescue me, I want to make it clear to all that I will serve only You, and I am willing to die rather than serve or worship any false god; for You alone  are the One True God.



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