Daily Devotional

Son, the last hour is here. So how will My children know that this is the last hour? I have told them from My word that the Anti-Christ is coming; well, he is here! People who want to belong to this world will not know the difference between My truth and his lies. Not one of these people who believe his lies have common sense. Their desire in life is for physical pleasure, a longing for what they see and to take pride in their achievements and possessions.


When I give My Holy Spirit, My children will know the truth. Because they know the truth they will walk in fellowship with Me and will be full of courage in the coming days. They will not shamefully shrink back from Me.


You must listen to me for I have important things to tell My children on how to be prepared. For, I speak the truth and My words are plain to anyone with understanding, clear to those who seek the truth. I will show My children where to find this knowledge and discernment in this day of evil. Joyful are those who listen to Me, for they will find My favor. But those who refuse to know Me, and refuse My word will injure themselves, because they love death and not life.


Do you think that I like to see these rebellious people die? Of course not! I want them to turn from their wicked ways and turn to Me. Soon I will judge these rebellious people according to their actions, so tell them to repent and turn from their sins while there is still time, or their rebellion will destroy them! If they put rebellion behind them and surrender to Me – I will give each one a new heart and a new spirit so they can live and not die in their rebellion to Me! 


Son, I am the Word of life, and there is no darkness in Me at all. I am your advocate who pleads your case before the Father.  I am the One who is truly righteous, and it was My sacrifice that atones for your sins, and not only your sins but for the sins of the world. Therefore, live your life like I did, by not loving this world or the things it offers you, but look for Me daily, and wait for Me to answer you, to lead you and to give you what you need.


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