Daily Devotional

Son, what do I require of My children? They must live in a way that pleases Me and because they love Me, and want to serve Me with all their heart and soul; that they run the race I have set before them with endurance. This race will require them to strip off every weight that slows them down, especially the weight of sin that they have a hard time with. When My children become tired and want to give up, they must think of all the hostility I endured, and this will encourage them not to give up.


When My children listen for My voice and do what I say, this is called faith! This faith will give them confidence in the days ahead that what I told them will actually happen. It will give them assurance about things they cannot see now. When they obey and believe Me, their weaknesses will be turned into strengths. My children must remember that it is impossible to please Me without pure faith.


So until I come back, My children must look after each other. Make sure that no poisonous root of bitterness grows up in their lives towards other children of Mine. They must stand for holy marriage when others are dishonoring it. Remain faithful to one another. Don’t love money or the things of this dying world, but be satisfied with what you have.


Soon the people who rejected Me will see what happens when they rejected the gift I had offered them. They will recognize how hurt I was by their rejection of My gift. The reason they reject My  gift is because of their great pride in thinking they are such good and capable people!


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