Daily Devotional

Son, let Me tell you a truth “Any nation who refuses to obey Me will be destroyed.” So why would any nation want to go back and become slaves once more to useless principles of this wicked world? How did I become their enemy? I became their enemy when they rejected this truth! When people refuse to listen to Me they will actually enjoy doing evil. They become good for nothing. Therefore, I will send on them war, famine, and disease. I will break their proud spirit, demoralize them, and confuse them. They will find no satisfaction anywhere.


I will knockdown their false places of worship where people come in and think they are worshipping Me, but have not repented of the immoral things they do. The leaders of these churches speak foolishness. People can not have My peace and live this way. They teach the people that they must be politically correct, and to believe that the Bible is not all true for you today.  I will punish them for their rebellion to My word, and they will have no peace.


To those true children of Mine, remember righteousness and justice are the foundation of My throne. I protect the lives of My obedient children, and I will rescue them from the power of the wicked.


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