Daily Devotional

Are you ready for Jesus’ return?


He is coming, so His children must make a declaration! Shout it out for all to hear that you follow Jesus. Tell everyone who will listen that, “God is my helper, and it is by His power that keeps me alive! He has and will continue to rescue me from my troubles.” Now is the day and time for His children to be united and stand up; showing the world God’s salvation with His power and might.


When His children search the Bible, they will know what is coming and how to be prepared. What He has promised in the Bible – He will do, and by His Spirit will make it all come true. So take courage! For It will be just as He said.


Only fools say in their hearts, “There is no God, and what is said in the Bible will not happen.” These people are corrupt, and their actions are evil; not one of them does good! Will these evil people ever learn? They never think of praying to God. Therefore, in the days ahead terror will grip them; terror like they have never known before. Why? Because God has rejected them, and tells them, “In the days ahead when you hear the truth, you will not understand it. When you see the way to go, you will not grasp it.” And all because their hearts have become hardened to the truth;  they will not turn to Me.


Therefore, My children prepare for my arrival!

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