Daily Devotional

What makes a true leader? 


When times are good we choose leaders for many reasons. Some may look and act like a leader. Some might be successful and have great wealth. They might be religious and be great speakers. But, when things get hard these elected superficial leaders will fail!


So how do we know a true leader when we see one? Listen and pay attention to his words; for they are wise, truthful and full of insight. When we have God’s leader in position we will not be fearful when trouble comes. We will have confidence that he will lead us in the way we should go, doing what needs to be done for righteousness sake.  


God will expose those wanna-be leaders who trust in their wealth and boast of themselves. So don’t be discouraged, but be thankful and keep your faith in the Most High God. He will show us His leader as we repent and cry out to Him to heal our land.  


What we have today are wanna-be leaders, not true leaders. Listen to what they say, “Stop telling us about the coming judgments of God. Stop telling us your opinion of the truth; we have truth! We must all be politically correct and teach tolerance so we can all get along.” These false leaders need to lie about what is really going on, because if the people knew the truth – they would turn on these leaders and throw them out. So they tell everyone there is no reason to be afraid and gloomy. They reassure the people that it is okay to get off the narrow path. These fools want all talking about the Holy One – to stop! 


What blind fools to think they can hide their plans from the Lord, and get away with doing their evil deeds in the dark, thinking that the Lord can’t see them. How foolish! They are not greater than their Creator!  Should the created thing say of the One who made it, “He didn’t make me!” Who’s the stupid one here? What prideful arrogance!  A godly leader understands who his Lord and Saviour is, and he looks for what God is doing so he can cooperate with Him.


Lord, we need godly leaders in our country and in Your church. Help Your children to unite and seek out Your leaders that You have chosen and raised up to lead in such a time as this. Then as troubles keep coming we will know that You will rescue us. It is only when we know Your wisdom and will – that we will recognize the leader You have called and anointed. 


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