Daily Devotional

People who have become slaves are heathen at heart and resent the truth; full of bitter jealousy and are held captive by sin; a stubborn people. They refuse to listen to the truth and hate anyone who tells them what they are doing is wrong. They even refuse to believe that the Righteous One is coming soon. 


The Lord said, “I will punish the world for its evil-doing and the wicked for their sin of rebellion. I will crush the arrogance of the proud and humble the pride of the mighty. Man thinks that he has the power to make things happen as he has planned, and that he will control the universe. No, it will be as I have decided. For I have a plan for the whole earth and heavens. My hand of judgment is upon all the nations, and who can change My plans? When My hand is raised, who can stop Me?”


The word of the Lord holds true, THEREFORE, we can trust everything He says. The Lord promised that any nation that makes Him their Lord – He will watch over them, and rescue them in times of famine and disasters. His unfailing love will surround any nation whose hope is in Him alone.


Lord, it is a desperate time today. So much hate, distrust, and evil all around. I come to You in prayer, and ask that You help me from all that troubles my soul. I know, therefore I have peace; that those who fear You will have all they need, and will lack no good thing. For Your eyes watch over those who do right, and Your ears are open to their cries for help.


Lord, I know that righteous people will face many troubles, but I also know that You always come to rescue them each time. No one who takes refuge in You will be condemned or ashamed!

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