Daily Devotional

When God’s children give in to the wicked justice will be twisted. The righteous will be treated like dirt. Honest judges will be hated, as well as people who tell the truth! There will be a famine of knowing the word of God. People will consider themselves too smart to want to think that there is a God who will judge them. Their words are smooth as they try to hide their wicked heart. They will pretend to be kind, but their hearts are full of evil. They will push away any thought of coming judgment, and people will not care about the ruin of their nation.


God’s children need to stop and consider! Be on guard! Stay alert! Watch for His return! Don’t let him find you sleeping when He arrives. Keep on watching and praying, for our spirit is willing, but our body is weak. We need to come back to the Lord and live!


For the day the Lord returns will be a dark and hopeless day; without a ray of joy or hope. He is watching this sinful nation. The wicked’s hatred may be concealed by trickery, but He will expose their wickedness.


So pay attention to what God is saying over and over again, but His children do not recognize it when they would rather give in to wickedness. I keep saying, “I want to see a mighty flood of justice, an endless river of righteous living. So, come back to Me and live!”

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