Daily Devotional

Son, listen to what is being said today towards My children, “What makes you think that the Lord can rescue you. Break free from His path. Throw away His chains of rules, and free yourselves from slavery to God.”


But, I just laugh and scoff at these arrogant people. Soon My Son will rebuke them and then terrify them with His fierce fury. Therefore, they must act according to My wisdom; for they have been warned. They must submit to My Royal Son before His anger quickly flares up and they be destroyed in the midst of all their activities.


Why does it seem incredible to anyone that I raised My Son from death? For, when they believe that I did; that He was raised from death to Life – they will repent and receive forgiveness for their sins, and be given a place among My people who are set apart by faith in Him.


Son, it is useless for you to fight against My will. You must to tell those around you what you have seen from Me and what I will show you about the future. This will open the eyes of those around you, so that they may turn from darkness to light and from the power of Satan – to Me.  When your life reflects that you have surrendered to My will, then you can speak boldly. So be strong, and do not fear; for I am coming to destroy those who oppose Me. I can, and I will save you, and all those who have their eyes opened by choosing to follow the Truth, the Way and the Life. 


Lord, there is great joy in following You. I refuse to accept the advice of the wicked. There is great peace found in Your words. Therefore, I must meditate on Your word day and night, and know that You watch over my family and me.   


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