Daily Devotional

Son, I have a plan for the whole earth; a plan of judgment, and it is coming upon all the nations. What I have spoken will happen, and I  will not change My plans. When My hand is raised, who can stop Me? People today talk as though they are righteous, and say, “Look at how loving we are.”  But I examine their heart, and these people only desire what is evil; no matter what they say or do.


I have raised up My prophets, so listen carefully to everything they tell you. You will know in your heart what they are saying is truthful. Remember it is only by My powerful Name that there is salvation. There is no other name under heaven by which people must be saved! Your leaders have and will continue to forbid you to speak to anyone using My Name, “Jesus.” They will not allow My name to be spoken in your schools, in public prayers, in your courts, not even mentioned as the Name your country once followed. When My children use My Name these evil people will threaten My children and tell them what they will do when they use My Name.


It is very important that My children be seen as people who have been with Me. My children must live out the word of truth with boldness, but they must watch what they say, and not get trapped by their words and actions. I will show them opportunities to speak and act.  My children must choose the truth over great riches. They must direct their children onto the right path, the path of My truth.


Those people who refuse to acknowledge Me and live by My truth will have a disastrous life, and in the end on judgment day – be rejected by Me. Soon these arrogant people who are so full of pride, will be humbled. Remember that My truth brings great joy within My children, but it terrifies those who refuse My truth.


Lord, my prayer is that people will know that I have been with You and that You live in me. I know that I am an ordinary man with no special training in Your book of truth. I know You want me to obey You rather than be accepted by this world. Help me to never stop telling everyone what I have read in Your book of truth.  Help your servant to have great boldness in speaking Your word, and to never forget that what I own is not mine, but given to me to share with others.



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