Daily Devotional

Lord, how sad it is today that some of Your people have compromised on Your word so that they can fit into this world’s systems. Organizations that started with great leaders of faith now have new leaders who turn away from Your truth for money. I can understand when people who do not know you act this way, but to have men who profess to know You and Your word act like this makes me sick inside.


Lord, I know that sin is sin to You and the sin of homosexuality is no greater sin than lying. Both will send a person to hell if they refuse to accept your free gift of salvation. People do not want to hear that their choices in life have consequences. They think if they can get enough people to accept their lifestyles of sin, then they will not feel guilty anymore, but free to go even further with it. How wrong can they be when You have said the Day of Judgment is certain!


Lord, everything I have read, heard and seen about this next generation of future leaders greatly concerns me; for I SEE NO HOPE IN THEM AT ALL! They believe the lie’s of Satan; that man has the key to life. All we have to do is look at history and see all of the keys that man has tried. They all have failed.


Lord, I do not see a future for this country since it has come against Your Word and Your Name: the Name of Jesus Christ. We cannot speak openly with Your Name or Word, or even write about You, our love for You, in our schools. Prayer to You, the One true God – Jesus Christ, has been outlawed and people who do it are punished. Yet, prayer in the name of any other god is widely accepted, and prompted in times of crisis. Our politicians think they are so powerful and make such bold statements that clearly show how they are against Your Truth. Some people claim to be Your child and yet everything they do is against what You have said in Your Holy Word.


Son, If My children are really serious about having this country return to Me, then all My children must UNITE and be determined to OBEY everything I tell them. They must not stop pleading with Me to save this country. THE KEY that will unlock this great revival will be: My children must trust in Me with all their heart, and not depend on their own understanding. Seek My will in all they do, and I will show them which path to take. They must not be impressed with their own wisdom, but go after Mine, and fear Me as they turn away from evil. They must honor Me with their wealth and in their work. They must not lose sight of My wisdom; the good common sense and godly discernment that guides them and develops good judgment in all areas of life.


Son, when you listen to Me and do as I say – this is faith that pleases Me. So take hold of My instructions; don’t let them go no matter what or who comes against you. Guard your heart where you have stored My words; for they are the KEY TO LIFE. Let them penetrate deep into your heart, so sin will no longer master you. Don’t get sidetracked, but look straight ahead and fix your eyes on what lies before you that I have promised to the faithful.


My children must unite and stand up, for there are many of My children who have not bowed to the god of your country. When My children unite – this power will put fear in those who slander My Name; for I am with My holy people, and there is no other power that can stand up against Me! In My prayer in the garden I prayed that My children would be one, as we are One. But My children are separated with all their proud differences. This has stopped their power of holy unity. The early church was united and people were being saved daily. They saw God’s power in their lives; people were set free. Peter’s prison chains fell to the ground and he walked out escorted by My angels. When the first Christians prayed, the place shook and amazing things happened because of their humble faith and joyful unity.


Lord, You said, “If My people will humble themselves and pray, I will heal their land.” I am crying out to You Lord! Show us, lead us, unite us so we can effectively pray as the first church did, because this is the only way Your Kingdom can forcefully advance as men lay hold of it.

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