Daily Devotional

Lord, when I am not in Your word every morning my hope weakens as I become paralyzed with fear at the things I see. So show me in Your word how to think about these things and what to do; teach me how to do your will for you are my Lord and I want to walk with You. By Your Spirit lead me forward on a firm footing. Rescue me from my enemies who are quick with lies; the truth is not in them.


Son, when you live by My words you will have My joy; so never stop feeding on My words each morning. This is how I am welcome in your heart and home, and how we walk together day to day. I came to seek and save those who are lost; I sought you out and saved you. It is my will that all people understand the way to My peace; the way that I showed you. My way of peace is hidden because people do not accept their opportunity for My salvation. They have eyes, but do not see. They have ears, but can not hear. Therefore, their hearts have become hard like stone; layered callous built up from rejecting so many opportunities I have brought them. 


Those who follow My words are My good servants. They are faithful with all that I entrusted to them. Satan, the accuser, is always accusing them. But I, the Lord, reject his accusations against My holy people! Satan shouts that they are a burning stick that has been snatched from the fire, and no use to Me. But, I say to My ministering angels, “Take off their filthy clothes, for I have taken away their sins, and I am giving them fine new clothes.”


Son, I don’t see you as you were; I see you finished and with Me in My kingdom. I don’t see ashes; I put My fire in you. People see a glow and are drawn to you because I live in you. So move among them freely and with readiness. For this is the time of My favor, but the day is soon coming when I will remove My favor from the earth because My work is done. 


I see what you want to do, and I favor it. But, do not despise the small beginning; for I rejoice to see your work begin. Every work begins small, and you need to pay attention to what I am teaching you. Be careful to follow My ways and to serve Me in every step of the way. I have given you My favor and authority to accomplish your work. You will succeed not by force or by your own strength, but by My Spirit. So yield to Him continually. Nothing, not even a mighty mountain will stand in your way; for it will become a level plain before you!


Lord, since I have been given new clothes and have Your favor and authority, help me to understand who I am in You. Let me experience more and more the power of Your words to me! I believe that because You have said so, nothing can stop me or any of Your children from doing all that is on their hearts to do for Your glory.


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