Daily Devotional

Are we the generation that brings back the truth, or not? If so, we need to trust and commit everything we do to Him. We must not fret and worry – because we have put our hope in Him. We must remember that the faithful love of our Lord never ends! We must remember how His mercies never cease; renewed each morning. Therefore, say to yourself, “The Lord is my inheritance. I will put my hope in Him! He has heard my prayers!”


Or, will we be the third generation that allows the truth to become a lie? This generation only sees the giants in their way. They are a people who want to drift into slavery and complain how hard their lives have become. They say, “Why would the Lord do this to us? We cannot stand for the truth because our families will suffer. Wouldn’t it be better for us if we just kept quiet?”  If the prophets and pastors of this third generation refuse to speak out against the lies – they will suffer the punishment they deserve! Then we will discover what it is like to have Him for an enemy, for He sees all these things and is not pleased!


Lord, help us to see the degenerating sins of our country and confess them to you. Help us to see how much our fears control us, and help us to get our confidence back and cling to the hope that lies in You. For it is our hope in You that will make us strong, and be the trustworthy anchor for our souls. Help us to say with strong conviction, “This is enough!” We take our rightful stand to take back this land before everything is lost. Restore us, O Lord, and bring us back to You again! Give us back the joys we once had under Your covering! Help us to learn obedience from the things we suffer. Help us not to be spiritually dull, refusing to listen to Your voice.


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