Daily Devotional

Numbers 10:29, “We are on our way to the place the Lord promised us.” What a great thought that we are on a journey with God to the place He has promised us. But, like the people in Numbers it will require change in the way we think, in the way we see things because only those who think and see like Him can enter into the promise.


How long does it take for God to change the mind set of a slaved people; from seeing their troubles to seeing their opportunities? How long does it take to change people’s mind from ‘working for money,’ to ‘money working for them.’ How long does it take for people to stop seeing their owns needs, and to seeing the needs of others?


It takes three generations to twist the truth into a lie, but it only takes one generation to bring back the truth. The generation that brings it back will only know that it is the Lord who leads them. They will only know that it is the Lord who provides for them and protects them. They will not be a people enslaved by things; for it requires them to get rid of everything that has brought the past generation into bondage.


For the Lord has promised wonderful blessings for those who enter His promise!


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